Friday, June 27, 2008

Earth Cafe

It was our 1st visit to this doggie cafe. We weren't sure how Tinkerbell would react with all the other dogs around.

Tinkerbell curious with the surroundings.

She met her 1st friend there. Later on they became barking buddies. They were the most noisy ones around. Every new dog that came into the cafe, they announced to everyone. Tinkerbell's bark is really high and loud. I had to tell her to keep quiet or else we will never come here again!

My fish and chips.

Hubby's pork chop.

Tinkerbell's dinner. Pork and chicken with potatoes. She only ate half. I don't know if she didn't like it or she was too distracted with all the other dogs around.

Here she is eating.

2 Schnauzers sitting next to us as you can see at the top of the photo. We spent most of the time preventing Tinkerbell from disturbing them. They were so good just sitting on the chairs. Later we put Tinker on the chair and she seemed to have behaved herself better.

We resorted to spoon feeding her. I can't believe it! Cos I refuse to do this at home if not it might become a habit. She didn't end up finishing her food.

Just before we left, she got to meet 2 more jack russells and I think that made her day:D
She's fast asleep now.

Monday, June 16, 2008

How we spend our afternoons

Rubie is usually fast asleep...snoring away.

Tiffany will usually hang out with me and to make sure she spends as much time with me whenever I'm over at my parents'. She misses me too much.

Tinkerbell will change her position into a guard dog and sits outside. Never sound asleep.

Sometimes right in front of the gate.

"Hey, what are you looking at?"

"Don't take my picture!"

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Two days ago, Rubie and Tinkerbell were suddenly running around the sofa. We thought that they were catching flies. Being the hunter dogs that they are, they continued to run around. Soon, Tinkerbell ran out to the garden with something brown in her mouth!

I looked out of the window and a bird was on the grass! It looked like it was already dead. Tinkerbell picked it up again and I screamed at her and she dropped it back onto the grass. Then picked it up again and I screamed again. Later our domestic helper came and picked up the bird and it was dead already.

Meanwhile, Rubie was still sniffing around looking for the bird in the house!!! Blur. And Tiffany was just standing around wondering what all the commotion was all about... blurrer!

We have no idea if the bird was alive in the 1st place and how did it get into the house?! Did Tinkerbell bring it in?

I hate to think that Tinkerbell's the murderer. Sorry no pics as everything just happened too fast. She got a scolding anyway.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Macau and Hong Kong

I made a special trip to visit my friend in Hong Kong. It was fun but the walking was a challenge. We did so much walking my poor feet were crying. There were so much to see that I just had to continue walking. We went to Macau where she had won a 2 nights stay in the Venetian Macau Resort. I had a feeling they chose the wrong person to win since we do not gamble:P

A very friendly and smiling dog walking alone in the streets of Macau.

Some stray dogs.

The ruins of St Paul's church.

Our hotel suite!

View of the putting green from our room. We played and it was the worst putting green I ever played. It was fake grass and we had trouble finding our next hole as the numbers of the holes were all over. Since there weren't anyone playing, we just play whatever hole we saw next:P

Venetian Resort at night.

Inside the resort. You'll never know when it's night time.

It is huge! Took us a day to explore the whole place. Plenty of shops.

The only dog photo I managed to take on the street in HK. It's quite huge considering HK's small apartments. One jump and I'm sure it would be on the other end of the apartment:P Not sure what breed this dog is but it looked like it was smiling while walking.