Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tinkerbell's 1st long walk

We decided to spend Singapore's National Day walking part of the new Southern Ridges. It was also Tinkerbell's 1st time going on such a trail. Couldn't take Rubie and Tiffany cos those two just cannot walk. One pants very heavily abt 500 m into the walk and the other would sit her bum down and wouldn't move if she was tired.

It was very crowded too and I think everyone had the same idea to check out the new paths.

The start of Henderson Wave.

Tinkerbell starting well.

Already panting at the end of the bridge.

She met a new friend along the way.

"I didn't know it was such a long walk."

Forest walk. Thank goodness we were walking down slope and not up.

This was one bridge that Tinkerbell did not like. She was really scared all the way and would only walk in the center. If we tried to pull her to the side to avoid people, she wouldn't budge. Everyone had to avoid her and some didn't even see her cos she was so small.

Here's how she was pulled most of the way. I realised that she was looking down all the time. It's really very high and she can see in between those lines. We were 18 metres up at the highest.

At some point, she decided she had to crouch down and walk very slowly. Notice how her body is lower and head down and tail down.

Still high up. It was quite a long walk on this bridge.

Happy on wooden flooring but still stayed to the center. Finally the end of the walk.

All tired out and sleeping in her doggie bag. It has since become her dog house.