Monday, March 17, 2008

Dog Friendly Switzerland

This is a really belated post of the dogs I saw in Switzerland during my trip in January. It's better late than never right!?

We went to Zermatt and there was this pretty bird.

Was so excited to see a St Bernard on top of the mountain. It was there to have photos taken with people.

Later on we went to see the Matterhorn and we just had to have our photos taken with these lovely giants. There were no obligations to buy the photos if it weren't nice, so we took the chance! We ended up buying 2 of the photos out of the 4 he took of us.

They look so sweet together.

We were on the cable car when a dog, who looked like she has been taking cable cars all her life, walked in. Her owner didn't even need to put her on leash.

Later on she found a small spot and jumped up onto the seat. A lady sitting there had to get up to let it sit.

In no time she was asleep. I think she had a long day in the snow.

A bit disappointed with the blur photo. This dog was waiting in the supermarket for its owner.

This was in Lucerne.

It was playing with a stick and running to catch it whenever its owner threw the stick.

Saw this photo in an advertisement for family portraits. I think this is really cool!

Then we headed to Lausanne

Love this cute dog! It really looks like a cuddly bear.

Being parked outside the shop.

In Bern, this dog was waiting outside the shop.

Then another owner parked his dog near the black dog. After awhile it realised it doesn't like the black dog and started barking very loud and really long too! Guess its owner never heard its cries!

Our last day in Switzerland, we went to Kleine Scheidegg.

Was pleasantly surprised to see more lovely dogs.

This one looked like it went for trekking.

I'm amazed how dogs can stand the cold. Tiffany and Tinkerbell start to shiver when they're wet, I don't know if they can ever survive cold weather. Besides, they love to sun tan. Maybe Rubie will have no problem cos she loves to eat and that would keep her warm!:D