Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bus tickets for dogs in Switzerland?

This is totally unheard of in Singapore! Right here, walking a dog along a busy street is already quite difficult, let alone having a dog on a bus or MRT. It would be a pleasant surprise if dogs could go on buses. I actually did take Tiffany on the bus many years ago. I put her in a bag and zipped it up when I went up the bus. I sat right behind and opened the zip to let her breath. Thank goodness she was quiet all the way. When it was time to get off, she didn't really want to be zipped up so I threw a towel over her head and walk down the bus haha.. That was the one and only time and never again!

Hubby was again on business trip to Switzerland and he saw this!

Tickets to buy for human and dog.

A close up.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Manila Trip

I just came back from Manila and I saw lots of stray dogs. Some living the carefree life and some just starving. That saddened me.

Saw this sign near a hot dog shop. Just thought it was weird.

This dog was just along the pavement and relaxing.

The dog who slept all the way.

This dog was just enjoying the plants and flowers.

I went to have lunch and came back, it was still sleeping.

The fake dog I met!:P

Monday, December 03, 2007

Tiffany was Sick

Last week Tiffany was in bad shape. She did not eat for 2-3 days and we got so worried. Her stomach was grumbling and she still refused to eat. We rushed to the vet on the 3rd day and she was given an injection and 3 bottles of medication! The vet told us to force feed her with blended food. We didn't have time to do all that when we came back from the vet and gave her milk that can be substituted for meals. So we pumped in some milk and her stomach seemed to improved and stopped shivering. We let her rest for the night.

It all started with her leg. I think she sprained it. She would scream even when we walked near her. She wanted to let us know not to touch her. From then on her appetite went downhill. Luckily after the force feeding, the next day she was actually starting to eat. She ate my breakfast and that was great! By dinner, she was back to normal:D

That was the 1st time Tiffany got sick. Hope this will never happen again.