Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cockroach Killer

Tinkerbell has caught yet another cockroach. This time I saw her bite and press the roach with her paws! Ewwww... I just had to wash her mouth after that. She almost caught another one but it ran out of the house. Tiffany just stared at the scene and gave that look "I'm not touching it."

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Penang Dogs

We spent a few days in Penang and was pleasantly surprised to find so many dogs.

The 1st Penang dog I saw. Looks like she had just given birth. Wonder where her puppies went.

Life as a beach dog... You get a friend as a horse.

Some people there keep monkeys as pets and chain them up. It's kinda sad to see a wild animal being chained up.

I got to see the beach dogs getting their dinner.

All are being fed on a newspaper. Looking at the amount of food they eat, I'd say that Tinkerbell is probably eating the same portion as what they get and she is only a 1/3 of their size!

"Don't come near me! I'm eating!"

Lazing around.

She dug a little hole and put herself onto the sand. So cute.

Life's good...

Beach dogs just have a good life.

Stretching out.

Hmmmm...he looks comfy.

Sleeping on a lazy afternoon.

This one was cozying up under our chairs for shelter when it started to rain heavily. She was very happy when I stroked her:D

I think I saw more dogs than local food in Penang!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Enjoying the evening without haze

Tiffany enjoying the air outside.

Tinkerbell entertains herself with chasing and looking at birds. The birds all come out during the evening where they retire to the trees nearby.

Looking out for more birds.

"I'm gonna get that bird. See how fast I can run!!"

...Rubie is just nowhere to be found. Probably waiting in the kitchen for some food.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

An Evening at Bishan Dog Run

Took Tinkerbell to the Bishan dog run. She ended up meeting so many chihuahuas.

We didn't dare let her off her leash as one black chihuahua didn't like her very much and they would start fighting. But after a while they soon got distracted and Tinkerbell was off leashed and quite enjoyed running around. It didn't last very long when Tinkerbell decided to pounce on one chihuahua and it was yelping for help. Naughty Tinkerbell was back on her leash.

She met a puppy, so cute.

This one just liked to be stroked

Another touchie one.

Some came in the cutest clothes.

"Can I look at what's in your bag?" I think this one's called Muffin.

I recognise this puppy from this blog. Her name's Kaylie. She is just so cute. Tinkerbell met her brother Jaffe and was knocked by him a few times while being chased by this labrador. The labrador chased her ard a few times and Tinkerbell looked as if she was running for her life. Never saw her run so fast! Luckily there weren't any fights.