Monday, April 30, 2007

Pretty Buddy

Giving me a smile

"Would you play ball with me?" But she wouldn't give me the ball! Just like Tinkerbell, you gotta wrestle the ball with her before you can get it to throw. And then the whole cycle repeats again.

"You can't take my ball!"

Jealous dogs. I don't know why they always bark at Buddy when they see her so often. They get even more jealous when I start petting Buddy:P

Monday, April 23, 2007

It's Tinkerbell's Birthday!

"It's my birthday! I'm 2!"

1st in line always when there's food. She tried grabbing the plate with the cake on it but luckily I saved the cake. We had not even started the party yet!

Rubie and Tiffany in their party hats.

Tinkerbell waiting too for the cake.

"Oops, my hat is coming off!"

"Must I wear this hat? It's irritaing!"

Okay the hat doesn't work as it's all come off and stuck to their necks instead!

Birthday Gal checking out her cake.

"Yay cake!"

Rubie looking greedily at the cake. Later after this photo, she pawed the table cloth! And pulled the cake towards her. We grabbed it back and Tinkerbell was afraid her cake was gone took a big bite into the cake.

That's her gobbling up the cake. We had no time to react!

Rubie enjoying her cake.

Tiffany was so worried that the other 2 would eat her cake as she eats slow. So she was trying to figure out how to eat her cake in peace.

I saved her and put her on the table. The cake was too big for her mouth but she refused to let me help her break it up.

Yay.. all finished!

The dogs were all happy for that extra appettizer before their dinner.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Tiffany smiling for me

This is quite rare. She doesn't quite like taking photos but she actually looked at me and with a smiley face!

"I'm feeling happy!"

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cheryl and Nikki

Got these photos off my friend and these are her dogs. She has moved to UK for a couple of years. Nikki has been lovingly adopted by another family and Cheryl stays with her parents.

Cheryl showing off her swimming skills. She loves swimming. If only Rubie were like here.

That's Nikki above.

Now that's how Tiffany, Ruie and Tinkerbell should enjoy swimming!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tinkerbell's 1st time to Sentosa

We took Tinkerbell to Sentosa on Good Friday. Gosh it was crowded and hot! We didn't want to take Rubie and Tiffany as our main aim was to get Tinkerbell swimming. Anyway, Rubie and Tiffany don't like swimming.

Looking all excited.

Looking out to sea.

2nd time swimming. She was not very happy and desperately peddled to shore.

Trying her best to get to shore faster. I don't know why all my dogs don't enjoy swimming. I was hoping Tinkerbell was different. I will take her to the beach more often.

Spotted a Husky swimming. Spotted a few other dogs but no pics of them.

Looking happy from the day's outing.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rubie had a tumble

Rubie was so busy scratching and nibbling herself that she fell off the chair! Luckily she's a strong dog and everything is fine with her.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tinkerbell and her ball

"Will you play with me?"

"Alright, I'll just entertain myself."

"So fun, especially when the ball is tearing apart."

"I want to tear it all out!"

"Hey!! Gimme back my ball."

"Please...I want it."