Monday, August 27, 2007

Random Pictures

Hi doggie friends! Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Been busy with work and also haven't been taking photos of the dogs much. I think they are happy about the no photos part cos they really hate to take photos!

Tinkerbell being a pain. Always disturbing Rubie and trying to lick Rubie's mouth. If you look carefully, Tiffany's sticking her tongue out.

Tiffany having a bad day. She vomitted earlier and came to show us her dirty mouth.

Tinkerbell being a busybody. A man came to fix some electrical fixtures and she wanted to help out.

Tinkerbell with her new toy.

She went straight for the nose. Now it has no nose.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Too talkative

Every night after dinner, Tiffany will start talking. It usually means she's asking for after dinner snacks. She's the one that usually asks and the rest just wait for the snack to arrive.

I don't know how she makes those funny noises. She's just one funny dog. She will just stare very hard at you and go on non stop until you feel so sorry for her.