Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Rubie always 1st in line when the food is out.

Tiffany a little overwhelmed by the guests.

Tinkerbell wearing her way too small t-shirt.

Meet Wendy! The cutest Chihuahua I've seen. It made my day. I wasn't so happy about visiting until I saw Wendy:D Awwwwww...

The Chihuahuas

Bobbi, he wasn't so happy that day and chased those people whom he knew were scared of dogs.

Rubie enjoying a nap on the pillow I was about to throw out. After that all the dogs took turns to use it.

Tiffany sun tanning

Not very happy. I think she was being scolded for barking.

Hi there

A folded paw?

Meeting rabbits for the 1st time. Can you see how excited she was or does she look like she want to eat them?