Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dogs of Korea

Was on a holiday to Korea last week and saw a few dogs in Seoul. It was very cold but the dogs don't seem to be that cold while they're out.

Walking along the river.

At Everland, these dogs were there to entertain people.

Saw a sad side of these 2 dogs being chained up.

Shopping at Dongdaemun

This one was all bundled up in the jacket of the lady.

Dogs on sale.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Off To Grandparents House

It was another visit to the grandparents house and usually Rubie and Tiffany goes along. Tinkerbell went for the 1st time together with those two. It was hard bringing 3 dogs out at once! Tinkerbell strangling herself by the leash was in the front, followed by Rubie, and Tiffany who was the slowest one.

When we get into the house, Rubie was the 1st one to rush to the kitchen followed by Tiffany. Tinkerbell has no idea what they were rushing for. They had gone to see the maid who usually gives them some treats. They usually stay in the kitchen till it's time to go home.

Tinkerbell saw 1st hand what the visit was all about! Now I guess I can't leave her home alone when Rubie and Tiffany gets to go. She learns all the bad habits from the rest:/

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hong Bao Dog Show

It was an exciting day today as it was Tinkerbell's first outing to the dog show. She was overwhelmed by the many dogs there.

Gosh, it was also quite expensive just getting into the hall. $6 per adult and $1 per dog! And worse, we were quite disappointed by the number of vendors in there. There were so little and they were mainly selling dog clothes and accessories.

Meeting new friends

Gee...I wish I could watch that show.

Hey come back here Tinkerbell, I haven't checked you out.

There is really a craze about the dog prams. There were quite a lot of people pushing their dogs around.

Old English Sheepdog. According to the owner, he doesn't like dogs. I guess he think he's human:P

The very proud and pretty poodle who just didn't want to look into the camera.

Tinkerbell and another jack russell having a friendly fight. They just couldn't stop and played and played and played.

Tinkerbell watching agility competition

A Border Collie competiting.

This jack russell amuses everyone and he has his own fans. He sits on his butt and waits for his owner to throw his squeeky ball. The best part is he can catch the ball sitting like that! I think Tinkerbell's butt is not fat enough to sit like that hehe.

So satisfied after meeting so many doggie friends. Time to head home!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lying Down On A Lazy Afternoon

Tinkerbell has taken to my chaise. She's sleeping, sitting, looking out of the windows to get that better view, and playing with her toys all on it! What a dog's life!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


This one's for you Michelle!

The same relative who owns Ricky, has this black rabbit too. They usually let the rabbit hop around in their garden during the day. Sometimes the rabbit even hops out of the house and goes out for a few hours. The first time it hopped out, they thought someone might have caught it and kept it, but 5 hours later, it was back! On Chinese New Year, it went out for 3 hours. Funny to have a rabbit that actually goes out and comes back on it's own.

Ricky the Shih Tzu

We visited a relative who has this old dog. They had to put on the 'space hat' for him as he kept on biting his legs till it gets red. Anyway, besides all his skin problems, he's still so cute.

At 10 o'clock, the owner lays out his bed and he goes to sleep with bolster and pillow!

Awwww...what a dog's life!