Sunday, July 30, 2006

Irritating Tinkerbell

So Tinkerbell went to stay overnight at my parents' place but was told she made Rubie angry and they started fighting. Sometimes Tinkerbell is really irritating. She likes licking Rubie's mouth to check out what she ate and sometimes lick her eyes too. This sometimes resulted in Rubie having a sore eye the next day.

She has also taken to standing over Tiffany which Tiffany hates. Sometimes she sits her whole body over Tiffany. Tiffany ends up being squashed.

My dad also gets his feet attacked by Tinkerbell. It's so weird that she goes for his feet everytime without fail. She'll dig with her paws, lick, or put her wet nose on his feet.

I'm quite sure everytime Tinkerbell appears at my parents' place, the neighbour has a headache too but that's because they do things to make her bark. Tinkerbell only ends up being splashed with water by them quite often.

I think it's time to really give Tinkerbell some serious training lessons. Just have to look around for the most suitable trainer.
Flower Dogs

Received this in my email. Aren't they sweet? They look real too!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tinkerbell feeling happy

Monday, July 24, 2006

New Bed all the way from Bangkok

My new bed. Nice?

I can stretch out.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This is how I bathe...

"What?! You're taking my photo again?!"

" I hate baths. But of cos I do feel good after that."

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weird stuff about my dogs

1. will stand to attention with her big eyes open wide if you say the word 'GO'. She's always ready to go out with me or wants to follow me home. So be careful when you use the word 'GO'.
2. stays put and won't come out of the house if you say 'BYE BYE'.
3. will use all her might and strength to jump up the stairs if I'm upstairs.
4. needs a hug from me everytime I go home. She will put her head on me whenever I say hug.
5. waits at the dinner table and gives you time to eat before she shouts for some food to be thrown down at her. The more you ignore her, the louder her bark gets.
6. knows how to catch food if you throw to her.
7. learnt from Rubie the word 'DOWN'.
8. won't shake paws.
9. is very fussy over food. She hates rice and vegies but loves meat.
10. will bark if she's still hungry.
11. hates swimming.
12. can talk in weird tones. Sometimes I can't tell what she wants but it's usually about food.
13. doesn't need much grooming despite her long fur.
14. will come and ask me if i'm eating dinner if she knows that dinner is served.
15. hates to walk on carpet grass.

1. is the most greedy dog I've ever come across. Eats everything and anything. If you have something to throw at her, she'll catch it 1st even if it's not food.
2. knows how to sit, down, and roll. She does all 3 before you even say the word roll all for food.
3. willingly shakes paws with you.
4. jumps into any car when the door is open and waits patiently hoping you'll take her out for a ride.
5. also knows the word 'BYE BYE'.
6. loves a good body rub.
7. hangs around the kitchen while the maid is cooking hoping that some food drops.
8. will never leave the kitchen as long as there's food being prepared.
9. has long legs and can even reach the table to grab food.
10. has strong sense of smell. Will even let my mum know if she has kept food in her bag. Her nose goes right into her bag.
11. catches food anyway you throw it.
12. can eat corn like how humans eat.
13. failed her basic obedience test about 5 yrs ago.
14. gets excited and runs around looking for cats when we say 'meow'.
15. hates swimming.

1. jumps into her doggie bag whenever she thinks we're going out together.
2. hides under the sofa if she has done something wrong or when we scold her.
3. loves to play ball especially whenever she gets to be the goal keeper.
4. loves to play with big dogs like Brownie.
5. gets really bored and sleeps all day long if I didn't bring her to my parent's place for a run.
6. loves trying to catch birds.
7. barks at the neighbour's maid at my parent's place all the time. I noticed that the maid is the one that starts making her bark.
8. gets thrown buckets of water by the neighbour for barking at them. They're such evil people who hates dogs.
9. sleeps on our sofa if we're not looking.
10. looks for cats whenever we say 'meow'.
11. has destroyed many of her soft toys.
12. likes to dig at my hubby's and dad's feet.
13. waits for cooked food everytime.
14. learnt quickly from the other 2 that she must catch food when thrown at her.
15. is jealous of Tiffany whenever Tiffany stays over.
16. barks jealously if you sayang other people/dogs.
17. hates swimming.
18. lifts her legs up whenever you wash her paws during bath time.
19. runs around like a mad dog after a bath.
20. will go and call the maid if someone's at the door.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Smiling Tiffany

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Perth Doggies having Fun!

That's Bella all grown up.

Bruce the Beagle