Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Don't leave me at home...

Tinkerbell, knowing that we were preparing to go out, hopped into the car hoping to go out too even when we told her she was to stay at home. I'm so sure the dogs understand us. Tiffany and Rubie were already in the house knowing they can't go.

Lately, whenever I asked Tinkerbell if she wanted to have a bath, she will start running away from me. Hee...I don't know why she doesn't like her baths nowadays. But she'll feel really happy after the bath. Weird.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rubie lying on her back

She loves people rubbing her chest.

She lay still so that I could take all these pics of her!

Isn't she such a cutie?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Buddy always so happy

She always greets me at the fence. Always with a smiley face. She's crazy about balls. If there's no ball, she'll bite the shoes. So my auntie goes into a frenzy whenever a ball gets destroyed and rushes to the pet shop for more balls.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tinker has motherly instinct

Tinker was getting slightly better but she still spent half the day in bed. She decided to shift to the smaller bed which is officially Tiffany's. But since Tiffany doesn't stay over that often she's taken over the bed.

I decided to search on the net for Tinkerbell's weird behaviour. I found out that she might be going through a false pregnancy. The signs are nesting, mothering inanimate objects, lactating, abdominal distension, and she can appear to go into labour. It sounds really extreme! Luckily the only thing she seems to be doing is nesting and mothering her toys! I can't imagine her going through false labour! It has since been a week and she is almost back to normal but she carries her white bear wherever she goes and licks it. I'm just glad it's only one bear. And not the balls and other toys.

Here's Tinkerbell carrying her bear around.

And of course sleeping with it.

Luckily if we bring her out for a walk, she forgets about her bear and enjoys herself outside. The only problem now is she hasn't been eating. I have to feed her like a baby and she'll take a few mouthfuls and walk away. Sheessh...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What do I do with Tinkerbell?

We went over to my parents' place to see Tiffany and Rubie. Tinkerbell got upset with Tiffany and Rubie coming near me and wanted to bite them. I scolded her and luckily she listened to me. Tinkerbell stuck to me most of the night sitting beside me. Even my mum and dad got the barking from her. Mum nearly got her finger bitten off cos she pointed at Tinkerbell. Dad nearly got his face bitten cos he came to look at her sitting beside me. She's just not normal. It seemed like she just wanted me all to herself.

I gave her the toy and she took it and was protective of it. She decided to sit on the chair with it.

Later on she decided that under my dad's chair was the best place after dinner.

When we got home, she promptly went back into her bed with all her toys. What is so wrong with her?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Something's wrong with Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell seems to be worrying about something. She's been whining since yesterday and we have no idea why. She's also been spending her time in her bed which is unusual since she only sleeps in it at night. She wasn't even interested in playing ball.

This was her last night. I finally caved in and gave her the pooch blanket since it was such a cold day due to the non stop rains since Thurs.

This was her this morning. Notice how all her toys are in it? She refuses to part with any of them. I took one out and she went to get it and brought it back to the bed.

I hope this won't last too long. I want her back to normal!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Doggie getting a motorbike ride

Someone posted this up on Stomp. I thought it was quite hilarious.

I've seen a dog on a motorbike before but it was just sitting between the couple with no safety harness. I've always thought Tinkerbell should have a ride on the bike because she only barks at 2 wheelers for some reason. I just want to assure her that it's like sitting in the car. I sound crazy like as if Tinkerbell would understand. Maybe she would?!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Presents from Aussieland!

Thanks Aimee for the wonderful pooch packs. They just look so lovely that I really can't bear to give it to the dogs.

Tinkerbell got to sniff it and wanted to have a go at it but I told her off and she back away.

She says it's yummy enough!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tinkerbell crazy over cats

Tinkerbell caught sight of 2 cats at the petrol station while we went to fill up petrol. She got so excited and came to the front and stepped all over me. She made so much whiny noises that we were quite amazed she had such a vocabulary!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Warning: photos are blur, taken by mobile phone. My hands were probably shaking too much after a game of golf.

Someone came to feed this dog. It was eating from the plastic bag but because there were a lot of monkeys around, it ran with the plastic bag to somewhere safer.

2 monkeys with their babies.

The same 2 monkeys. If you can see, the babies are darker in colour.

This jack russell had the time of it's life barking at the monkeys and scaring it up the trees. The other bigger stray dog just looked on. Later on the jack russell's owner came and they both went around scaring the monkeys and they made loud screeching sounds. At one point, I wonder if the owner or the dog was having fun. But I also felt sad for the monkeys being chased. Unfortunately, the humans there were feeding the monkeys which caused the monkeys to be quite agreesive.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


The new year started with a BBQ with family. The dogs especially had a blast. They got to eat bits of Swiss Butchery meat! How blessed are they?

Waiting for the 1st scraps of food to be dropped.

My cousins tried to get photos of them with food in front of the camera.

Tiffany is smiling here.

All 3 dogs smiling:D That is because they are looking at food.

Rubie waiting patiently for more food.

Tinker getting a pat from my cousin's kid.

Tired after all that photo taking and eating. Tiffany sticks to Rubie all the time. Always sitting very close to her even when they sleep.

2nd BBQ at night. Rubie and Tinkerbell checking out the food.