Thursday, April 09, 2009

11 MARCH 2009

Rubie gone to doggie heaven.

This is the day we will remember Rubie forever and all the beautiful memories she gave us. It's such a late post I know. I just couldn't write about her for awhile. We all miss her.

The last few pictures of her.

Tiffany still bonding with Rubie.

Still got the cute face at an old age.

Saying their goodbyes. Tinker and Tiffany didn't know they were saying goodbye. But I made them go to Rubie.

All in the car saying more goodbyes..

Tinker excited to be in the car but of cos the dogs didn't tag along to the vet.

Even then she still wanted to hold her own leash. She liked holding onto leashes esp Tiffany's. During our younger days, I would hold Rubie's leash and Rubie would hold onto Tiffany's leash while we went for walks. It was cute.

Rubie looking all happy still.

She had to be put to sleep. We had kept her as long as we could but she was getting sicker and had so much problems with her skin. She was suffering so badly at home that we couldn't see her this way anymore. She's off to a better place. We miss her.

Tiffany misses her a lot. She used to sleep with Rubie every night. But she realised that Rubie's not around anymore and sometimes she just goes to the spot where Rubie used to be. She misses her best friend.