Wednesday, August 31, 2005

We hate Swimming

Rubie and Tiffany on their swimming trip last year. They are swimming towards the shore by the way. Tiffany's eyes are big big. They really prefer to walk around in the sand than swim. I hope Tinkerbell will like swimming. I'm waiting till she's a little older.

Getting to know Brownie for the 1st time! He was just adopted by my auntie. I think he's a Labrador. 2 Years Old.

He's like a big bear and he loves to play ball.

All the dogs getting to know Brownie

*Sniff sniff*

Tinkerbell was only about 3 mths then. She ain't scared of a big doggie.

Look at Tinkerbell getting in the way of Brownie.

"Get me away from the rascal!"
Introducing my dogs

American Cocker Spaniel
6 Years Old

Shih Tzu
7 Years Old

Jack Russell Terrier
4 Months Old