Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Watch me in the Car

I noticed that Tinkerbell really loves car rides. Not that Rubie or Tiffany dislike it but Tinkerbell really loves looking out the window. Ocassionally if a motobike stops next to the car, she'll start barking and scaring the guy.

Looking this side...

Looking that side...

Looking centre... I know how to balance myself.

She can't keep still in the car. Always jumping from window to window and leaving her nose marks on the windows.

She'll sway according to the movement of the car. If we turn left or right, she'll be swaying left or right. When we brake, she'll do a brake too. She has to bend down to brake if not she'll fly off.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Star Dog Movie

Tinkerbell has started learning how to catch balls. So far hard tennis balls are a bit difficult to catch as it bounces off her mouth. I'm still looking around for a ball soft and small enough for her mouth.

Want to throw the next ball?

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Trolley Bag

I promised photos of the new trolley bag we got. It fits Tiffany very nicely but not Tinkerbell as she's longer.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Cats that would make Rubie and Tinkerbell go wild!

Took the cats through the window of this house. The owner keeps the cats in this room during the day time. The cats look like they're having a good time:)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

SKC 150th & 151st Championship Dog Shows

Tiffany got to go to the dog show this time. Rubie and Tinkerbell had to stay behind. Well, Tiffany wasn't very sociable and only went around smelling dog's urine on the floor! Yuck!! She wouldn't walk also as she's real stubborn and wants to stay in one spot. Had to drag her many times. Spent half my time carrying her so that we could walk in a straight line.

We spent too much time looking at all the new doggie products on sale that we didn't even see one show!

Here is Tiffany on the table at one of the booths selling shampoos. We bought some of the products.

This little dog met Tiffany at the booth.

Got tired of carrying her so put her in the trolley bag.

She didn't really like it that much and jumped out after awhile.

Samoyed meeting?

Nice Labrador

A Golden Retreiver checking Tiffany out.

This Shih Tzu is enjoying himself lying on the bed. He's modelling for his owner's handmade bed. Looks really comfy cos he even demonstrated it by lying down for us to see.

Chihuahua and Border Collie

This black Cocker Spaniel is checking Tiffany out. She's got nice blink blink collar!

Chihuahuas and Westie

Poodle looks shocked!

Fox Terrier and some grey dog. Anyone know the breed?

Beagle and Westie


Cute Malteses. They were dressing up at the dog clothes booth.



Another Husky

Not sure what dog this is. Is it a Keeshon?


2 little dogs inside

Little cuties being pushed around. Now I think Tiffany might need that.

This lady bought this trolley for her dog and used it straight away. In the end we bought one too but a slightly different pattern. We put Tiffany in it straight away too hehe. Will put a picture later.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Weird things that make dogs happy

Tiffany sleeping on my leg and Tinkerbell having a rub on her head with my feet.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Maltese puppy ends up castrated

On 1st of May, it was reported in the newspapers of a grooming gone wrong. The maltese was left in the cage to be blown dry by a machine. It suffered heat stroke and was rushed to Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital. It had to undergo surgery, castration, and plasma transfusion after it suffered a heat stroke and servere damage to its liver and cells.

I find this so heartbreaking. I had read many pet forums and read that a few dogs have died while being blown dry in the cage. This is one of the reasons I try to groom Tiffany and Rubie myself. Of cos I can't do a professional job like the pros but at least they look decent. The last time my mum brought Rubie to the groomer and I was afraid something might happen to her. Luckily she came home fine and was well groomed. That put me at ease until this report came out.

Obviously no one wanted this to happen but I think more should be done when the dogs are being blown dry. Sometimes I see dogs being blown dry in a glass cage. Imagine how hot it'll be because the air can't get out.

Poor maltese, I hope the recovery is going well.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rubie's Weird Habit

Everytime my mum comes home and if there was socks in my dad's shoes, she would present the socks to my mum. Then there would be a little tug of war trying to get the socks back.

I'm not giving you the socks...

Tiffany trying to sit on Rubie.