Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oh happened again!

This was the 1st sign we got of the false pregnancy. Just when we wanted to steralise her (date at the vet all booked), her period came. The vet told us that we can't let her have the op till 3 months later. It's not even 3 months yet and she's developed another round of false pregnancy. This time didn't seem as bad as the 1st time.

Sleeping on her toys (babies).

The next day, she was stuck to the bed. This is not actually her bed, she normally sleeps in a bigger one. But I think she feels closer to her toys.

I didn't help her bring her toys in. She carried them in herself.

Later she stuffed more toys in.

It has been nearly a week she's been like that. She never wants to get out of bed to walk around or eat. She wants to be with her toys all day long.

To help her feel better, we got these toys for her other day and she is caring for them now. They are her favourites and if you take it away she'll whine non stop. She'll lick them and put them nicely with her.

I think she'll make a good mother!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I was Ducked!

Can you imagine that Tinkerbell was barking at this duck the other night?! She was very weary of it and stood far away and checking it out. In the end, my dad patted the duck and she realised it was fake!

Monday, October 08, 2007


Has anyone watched this movie? We watched it last week and it was really quite a nice show. I wonder why one of the reviews I read gave it only 2 stars! They sure weren't dog lovers!!

Go watch it!! Now if only my dogs can talk like this one. How awesome!