Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Happiest and Saddest Month

It's been so long since the last post and I know the post was about Tinker and Tiffany becoming good pals. Unfortunately, things have not been what it seems.

Last month was the happiest moment for me and my family. I gave birth to the most gorgeous baby boy.

Here he is at 1 month old.

Things have been hectic since his arrival and the days just pass real fast. But seeing his beautiful face daily is just amazing how God has blessed me with this joy to look after.

The 2nd week after baby's arrival, hubby and I were at home on a Sunday. Hubby happened to be downstairs working on his laptop. All of a sudden, I heard something terrible. Tinkerbell was attacking Tiffany. And thank goodness Hubby had separated them but got bitten again by Tinkerbell when he tried to discipline her. I came downstairs to see and Hubby turned around to see Tiffany's eye had popped out! I saw her eye from afar and became frantic! Called my parents immediately. My poor Tiffany's eye!! She was already half blind with her cataract problem.

Hubby and maid rushed her to the vet and my parents met them there and the vet immediately operated on her to put her eye back. The next day my mum brought her back home and we saw how terrible she looked. My mum had trouble giving her the medicine as she would spit it back out and as the days went by she showed no signs of appetite. 3 days later she was back at the hospital to be put on drip as she refused to eat.

We took her back again and AGAIN had trouble feeding her and the medicine. So she was back at the hospital again. This time the Vet kept her to get her back into shape and because her eye was getting swollen, he had to operate on her again to take the eye out. So 3 weeks after the attack, she is back home.

We have not moved any furniture and she is finding her way around the house by banging her head everywhere. We have to call out to her so that she will know where we are. But all is well and she is back to her normal self. Barking out for food as usual. Tinker has not been of help. Growled at Tiffany when she accidentally bumped into her. The vet did suggest grinding Tinker's teeth so that this would not happen again.

This is the 3rd time Tinker has attacked Tiffany. The 2nd time, it landed Tiffany in the hospital as her cheek was wounded. This 3rd time has been the worst attack. Tinker has been a jealous dog all along. This time it might have been Tiffany didn't know Tinker was in the dog bed and went into the same bed when Tinker was in it. Tinker was guilty when it all happened but it seems that she has forgotten what she has done when Tiffany came back home.

After this terrible attack, I did not know whether to show love to Tinkerbell at all. Tiffany almost did not survive the attack and we thought we were gonna lose her.

This picture was the last of the photos I took while I was upstairs looking after my babe. She looked so happy roaming outside despite not being able to see well.

Looking cute.

Photos of her ordeal. Beware... it may not be pleasant.

Photo of her eye sewn back into her eye socket.

Photo of her eye taken out. We went to visit her before she was discharge few days later. I saw this and felt terrible for her. She was her usual active self and wanted to eat her favourite food. We brought chicken and bak kwa and she ate it all up! My mum under estimated the amount of food to bring.

Now she is back home with us and slowly recovering. Please pray for her speedy recovery.


Amber-Mae said...

Oh dear lord! Poor Tiffany. Tinkerbell, you cannot simply attack your sister like that. Look at what damage you've caused her. I think you need to separate them both for the rest of their lives so that this thing won't happen again. I HOPE she heals up well. My prayers are with you guys.

Love licks & Hugs,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

So awful -- and such a dilemma. How handle it? Tinker's not bad or spiteful, he did what he thought was right at the time; but how to balance his need for security and territory with the safety of everybody else in the house?
- - - - - - -
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Shane Kent Louis said...

oh my gosh! that was really hurts. but thanks God your still good and alive! how you doing this day? I hope your still doing great! :)

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